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What’s the recipe for creating Banh Mi Brothers?

First, you need brothers - Hau and Luan Doan. Second, you need to open up a restaurant. Third, let your passion be the number 1 ingredient in all your dishes.

“The ideal job was in an office. Wear a tie,” Hau recalls of his Vietnamese immigrant upbringing. While studying finance at Virginia Tech, he always had a passion for cooking. He’d cook for his friends and when he’d call his mom to ask how to make certain dishes, she’d respond “stop calling me, use your meal plan and go study."

For 19 years, his corporate job had him involved with investments - mutual funds and stocks. After work and on weekends he’d let his passion for food take over his kitchen at home. Whatever he made in the kitchen, he’d have his brother Luan try. This lead to asking Luan if he’d want to partner up and open a restaurant.

And then, in 2016, Banh Mi Brothers was born.

Banh Mi, an iconic sandwich to the Vietnamese culture as hamburgers are to America. A hybrid of French-Vietnamese food that consists of warm crusty bread, a protein and accompanied by homemade mayo, cucumber, crunchy pickled daikon and carrot, hot chilies and topped with refreshing cucumber and herbs! 

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

Banh Mi Brothers consists of two brothers and a close friend; who are excited to share their love of this classic, must try, street food with Charlotte. The essence of their food is simple and delicious. Here, they utilize skillfully prepared, high quality ingredients with lots of love. Banh Mi Brothers is a family-friendly, casual eatery. Pop in and grab a couple of banh mi to go, or join us, have a beer and give our innovative, delicious dishes a try.

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